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Presentation of the watermill

About the Watermill

Built during the 11th century, under the reign of Louis VI of France, called The Fat, the watermill evolved and grew until the 19th century to become the guest house that it is today.


The Bas-pesé watermill greets you with an imposing building surronded by vegetation. Its mystery reminds of The Wanderer by Alain-Fournier which takes place not too far away from this charming place. You will get to enjoy the interior of the watermill with its ancient gearing mechanism and its 11th century stonework. Imagine how many generations set foot on this floor.


If you choose to have your breakfast at the watermill, you will enjoy a wonderful scenery from the kitchen which is built right above the river. You will see the daily routine of all the animals residing here, such as the mallards taking off and landing in the water. A peacock will delight you with its ritual, sitting on its pedestal, or will it be trying to catch a few sun rays, eyeing you, hoping you'll spare a few crumbs from your breakfast. The donkeys are watchful too, mind you, always looking for a snack. All the river's colorful wildlife is here, from the kingfisher to the dragonfly.


At the watermill, you can also board a boat to relax on the water and, if you dare, drift right up to the Villesavin Château. The watermill is on the Châteaux à vélo cycling trail which lets you ride to Chambord or Cheverny. It is truly a strategic spot to discover the jewels of a time long gone, as well as the smaller châteaux such as Troussay, Château du Moulin all of which are undoubtedly fascinating.

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Useful Information:

- arrival: from 16h

- Departure: before 10 am

- Payments accepted by: Checks, CB, Cash, ANCV

- animals are not allowed in the rooms

- Breakfast is not included in the room price

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